Let’s do a Juice Cleanse: How to get started?

juice cleanse


juice cleanse- In our day to day life, we take in a lot of chemicals from our food (like colorants, preservatives), chlorine from water and carbon monoxide from air etc. These toxins can cause inflammation and weaken our immunity system, leading us to chronic illness such as headaches, arthritis and asthma. This may even lead us to heart diseases and cancer. As we have studied during our science lessons at school, our kidneys and colon are designed to filter and expel waste and toxins from our body. But the modern day cleansing experts are of the opinion that the hazards of modern life are too much for these poor organs to handle them alone.


Here comes the role of modern day juice cleanses. A juice cleanse has the power to unleash the natural power of your body by eliminating the built up toxins. They also store your digestive system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants.

Why should one take a juice cleanse or fast?


The experts are of the opinion that it will make the following changes in your life:


  • It will take good control of your life
  • Revitalize your body, mind and soul.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Make you feel better and healthier.


How is it done?


It’s very simple. While you’re on a juice cleanse, you just have to replace all meals, snacks etc with juices made from organic (unpasteurized) fruits and vegetables for about a period of three to seven days. The theory behind it is that when our bodies are independent from the task of digesting solid food materials it can release the toxins from our systems very easily.


The pre-cleanse and post cleanse diet


Three days before your cleansing period uphold a healthy and light diet, try to eat only organic fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs and most importantly drink eight glasses of water a day. 100% juice cleanse is recommended with no regular meals; as eating slows down the cleansing process. And once you are done with a cleanse, don’t rush to your favourite brownies, return gradually to eating solid foods. Experts also recommend those persons under medical conditions or taking some prescription drugs to stay away from taking such a cleansing. Such persons should only pursue a juice cleansing diet only after consulting their physician.


The other advantages of the cleansing

It addition to a revitalized body, many persons who have undergone this process claim that they feel much lighter after the process. Most of the takers also end up losing lot of weight. When a study was conducted on a group of diabetic patients, it was seen that many patients could lower their blood sugar levels after 7 days of juice cleanse. This helped the doctors to conclude that if this process is carried out under correct medical supervision, it can do wonders for such patients.


So if you have been eating too much junk off late, and would like to rid your body of some toxins then try this out today!