Let’s do a Juice Cleanse: How to get started?

juice cleanse


juice cleanse- In our day to day life, we take in a lot of chemicals from our food (like colorants, preservatives), chlorine from water and carbon monoxide from air etc. These toxins can cause inflammation and weaken our immunity system, leading us to chronic illness such as headaches, arthritis and asthma. This may even lead us to heart diseases and cancer. As we have studied during our science lessons at school, our kidneys and colon are designed to filter and expel waste and toxins from our body. But the modern day cleansing experts are of the opinion that the hazards of modern life are too much for these poor organs to handle them alone.


Here comes the role of modern day juice cleanses. A juice cleanse has the power to unleash the natural power of your body by eliminating the built up toxins. They also store your digestive system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants.


Why should one take a juice cleanse or fast?

The experts are of the opinion that it will make the following changes in your life:


  • It will take good control of your life
  • Revitalize your body, mind and soul.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Make you feel better and healthier.


How is it done?


It’s very simple. While you’re on a juice cleanse, you just have to replace all meals, snacks etc with juices made from organic (unpasteurized) fruits and vegetables for about a period of three to seven days. The theory behind it is that when our bodies are independent from the task of digesting solid food materials it can release the toxins from our systems very easily.


The pre-cleanse and post cleanse diet


Three days before your cleansing period uphold a healthy and light diet, try to eat only organic fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs and most importantly drink eight glasses of water a day. 100% juice cleanse is recommended with no regular meals; as eating slows down the cleansing process. And once you are done with a cleanse, don’t rush to your favourite brownies, return gradually to eating solid foods. Experts also recommend those persons under medical conditions or taking some prescription drugs to stay away from taking such a cleansing. Such persons should only pursue a juice cleansing diet only after consulting their physician.


The other advantages of the cleansing

It addition to a revitalized body, many persons who have undergone this process claim that they feel much lighter after the process. Most of the takers also end up losing lot of weight. When a study was conducted on a group of diabetic patients, it was seen that many patients could lower their blood sugar levels after 7 days of juice cleanse. This helped the doctors to conclude that if this process is carried out under correct medical supervision, it can do wonders for such patients.


So if you have been eating too much junk off late, and would like to rid your body of some toxins then try this out today!



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Juice Cleanse Weight Loss: Reduce Weight in Easy Ways

juice cleanse weight loss


Cleansing the body by using juices is extremely helpful for weight loss. Many people use 3-day juice cleanse method for losing weight quickly and easily. Other methods for weight loss are not easy to follow. For instance, dieting can cause many problems to health. Reduction is muscle strength is one of the most common problems that are seen in people who are dieting. On the other hand, juice cleanse weight loss is a great way of reducing weight without any side effects. However, it does not mean that you can use juice cleanse without using any proper guidance. It can be dangerous if not used in a well-planned manner.

How does juice cleanse weight loss work?

Often people think that how can juices help in reducing weight alone. Many people use different methods of reducing weight such as exercises, dieting, weight loss pills and more. However, these methods are hard and not easy to follow. Juices help in removing toxins and harmful chemicals from your body. This way, many unnecessary substances are cleared from the body. However, it must be noted that using juices for long can cause problems as well. 3 day juice cleanse program is ideal for most of the people because it is short lasting and easy to follow.

Juice cleanse versus other methods of weight loss

Overweight people often use different methods of losing weight such as extreme dieting plans and diet pills. The problems with these programs are that they are harsh and often induce some redundant problems to the user. These methods also take too much time for reducing weight. For instance, diet pills can reduce only 5 to 10 pounds of weight in a year. This is definitely a long period, and most people lose their patience very early. However, juice cleanse weight loss is completely opposite. It is very fast and easy. With few days of program, about 5 to 10 pounds are removed easily.

3 day juice cleanse

One of the most popular juice cleanse program is 3 day juice cleanse. It is popular because of its short duration and high success rate. The program is also extremely easy to follow. It does not induce any health problems as well. You only have to drink six juices daily. Making a proper timing chart and staying strict to it for 3 days is the key to reduce weight and gain good health.

Benefits of working out with juice cleanse

There is a common problem with most of the people. They rely on something entirely, which is certainly not a good thing. Juice cleanse is a very effective method of losing weight fast, but if you use proper workout schedule with this, the results will be much better. In fact, you should start working out some days earlier before starting the juice cleanse program. People who make use of both these methods have lost more weight than others have. You do not need to do heavy workouts, but simple exercises are enough to get good body shape along with the juice cleanse.


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Juice Cleanse Recipes: Do They Really Detoxify The Body?

Juice cleanse recipes


Detoxifying the body is one of the most popular topics on the internet today. Cleansing makes body free from any toxins. It helps in strengthening the immune system. However, you need to know how to detoxify the body. There are various methods of detoxifying, but juices are the best way to cleanse the body easily. Juice cleanse recipes are easy to use and can be used by anyone. On the other hand, if you use some other methods of detoxifying, supervision from good physician is necessary.

What are juice cleanse recipes?

Cleansing body using fresh fruit juices is a traditional method. Physicians, to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the body, are using it for hundreds of years.  In the recent years, juices have been proven helpful to reduce weight quickly. Overweight is one of the most serious problems that people have these days. Many people are trying to overcome this problem. Using juice cleanse has proven a very effective method of reducing weight. Studies show that on an average a person carries about 10 to 15 pounds of unnecessary toxic matter in the body. By using juice cleanse, it can be removed very easily.

Benefits of juice cleanse method

Juice cleanse is very helpful in number of ways. Here, are some benefits of juice cleanse that are extremely helpful for a healthy living:

  • Weight Loss: Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks of all. However, with juice cleanse recipes is one of the fastest and easiest way to lose weight. A very quick and easy 3 day juice cleans program is extremely helpful for losing weight.
  • Skin treatment: Skin can also be cleared with juice cleanse methods. Often people ignore the fact that juices nourish the skin too. Many skin problems such as dryness, pimples and oiliness can be treated by using juices.
  • No unhealthy cravings: People often have some problems related to eating. Unhealthy eating can cause lots of problems. One of the most common problems with unhealthy eating is that they cause cravings. This way, people start eating in an unplanned way. Using juices helps in reducing such cravings.
  • Increase in energy: Juices increase the energy level by cleansing the body. As the body toxins are cleaned, metabolism is enhanced. This in turn makes you energetic and active.

How to prepare juice cleanse?

The usual method of preparing juice cleanse is to prepare it in advance before using. This helps in eliminating harmful ingredients that may cause problems to the body. Eliminating caffeine, red meat, processed sugar and alcohol helps in preparing better juice cleanse.

What you need to prepare in a juice cleanse?

Juice for the juice cleanse is prepared from fresh fruits and vegetables. You need to buy several fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, beetroots, green apples, pears, pineapples, lemons, limes, bunches celery, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg and some other vegetables. These are readily available in the market. However, you should only buy fresh fruits so that there are no unnecessary ingredients in them. 3 day juice cleanse is the best program for detoxifying the body.


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